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PMT relies on its qualified and knowledgeable staff to carry out a thorough study of your project in order to propose a complete and customizable project plan in a further stage. This ensures that we always take into account the needs and expectations of our customers.

from idea to project

PMT is there to support the customer, every step of the way. From a rough sketch to the actual project, you can always rely on our design office. What’s more, we can create your die and determine the choice of materials.
PMT can intervene during the die design stage in order to eliminate production errors early in the process and prevent future problems. PMT entrusts the machining of the die to its reliable partners to ensure that our top quality guarantee promise is fulfilled.
Prototyping offers the opportunity to rapidly develop the product and physically display it to simplify and optimise further assessments.
PMT considers all the possible materials options in order to propose a customer friendly end product, also taking into account the budgets and specifications given beforehand. All technical specifications are also calculated and adjusted where necessary to ensure a high quality end product is achieved.
PMT produces everything in-house using our machinery. The end products always undergo an additional check by our expert staff after production. At PMT, we only strive for high-quality end products.

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